Jessica, 40

March 28, 2024

How did you feel before and after your shoot?

As a woman I have felt pressure about two things my adult life. Weight and age. I’ve gone through an extensive healing journey to see myself in a healthy, positive and self affirming way. When I was nervous about turning 40, I realized that I had just replaced the insecurities about my weight that I had worked so hard to conquer into insecurities about getting older. Once I realized that, I refused to continue living life with that sort of pressure on my shoulders. I thought this photo shoot would help me welcome this view era of my life with open arms.

Honestly, I was very nervous about turning 40 in general. The thought of doing a photo shoot to embrace this landmark birthday was terrifying to me. But once I turned 40, I realized the anticipation of it was way worse than the actuality of it. After turning 40 I realized just how proud of myself I am. Instead of being nervous about the shoot, I started looking forward to it! Jennifer really helped walk me through this process and I’m so thankful she kept encouraging me to go for it!

Why did you decide to do this photo session?

When in life have you felt your most confident?

The last couple of years something has really shifted in my heart and mind. I finally have that mind-body connection that I really wanted my entire life. Right now I am the most confident I’ve ever been.

Have your values changed over time and if so how?

I would say that now I care way less about what other people think concerning the choices I make and how I live my life. That freedom has added so much value and clarity to my life.

What advice would you give to you in your 20s?

I would tell myself not to care so much about pleasing others or making my family proud. I would tell myself to love every inch of my body and to just enjoy and have fun every day of my life.

It’s time to really embrace and showcase who YOU are.

What would you say to someone on the fence about being photographed for this campaign?

I would say it’s time to really embrace and showcase who YOU are. You spent so much of your life believing lies that you are not good enough or not worthy of being in the spotlight, or you spent your entire life taking care of everyone else. It’s time to refill that cup of self-love and self-care. Just do it!