Lena’s Journey Through Pain and Joy

November 21, 2023

When Lena and I first discussed her maternity portrait session, I knew she was special. The tears started with the first call when she described the depths of pain and joy that had brought her to this place. Lena has miscarried many times. In her suffering, she also had to endure the well-meaning comments of people around her that she logically understood to be innocent but painful nonetheless. We decided that part of the process of her capturing this very special and joyful season of her life, that we would also use the opportunity to share the pain of infertility. I hope that I have never ignorantly said any of these wounding comments, but I promise you after my experience with Lena, I never will in the future. Her hope is to share her struggle and her hope with others. Romans 12:2 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

Lena’s inspiring journey, capturing the strength and resilience that led her from heartbreak to the joy of impending motherhood.

“Throughout this journey I have been faced with innocent comments from others that often times cut deeper, continuously rubbing salt in an open wound. “

Pregnancy After Infertility

In January of this year, after another miscarriage, I met with my Dr. She had already helped me through 6 of my losses and she was very concerned about my overall wellbeing. She discussed everything, from my age to an increase in the possibility of genetic disorders, every loss, and the additional harm it could cause me, and through uncontrollable tears we agreed on a hysterectomy.

January, February, March even into April, they were all very hard months, I was depressed more so than ever, but four months later something miraculous happened, I took a test, and it was positive. There was no doubt that I was scared, pessimistic and potentially preparing myself for another loss but something about this just seemed different. With every week the baby was growing, the heartbeat was strong, he is healthy and so am I.

At 37 weeks my miracle was in my arms!

I had a scheduled cesarean due to having placenta previa, he was breach, and my iron was a bit low but I remained confident through faith and hope that all would be fine, AND IT WAS.

My ask to you is to please share my story. So many women are silently living through similar struggles. We often sit silently alone trying to deal with this in our own way.